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dirty, starry painted world
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18th-Jan-2014 05:02 pm - [sticky post] it felt like it was time tbh

it's been fun here
but i really cannot be arsed to pay lj for a un change so moving instead
everything here has been f-locked or set to private.

not adding.

Rania - Di
ok so this is specifically for momomoing because korean is actually really hard. Like sorting out homophones through context. (i guess it's a bit like written english in that sense hahaha, though the pronunciation is exactly the same in Korean. boo hoo)

Anywho. Particles are super annoying, especially the subject/topic markers. Object markers are sort of easier to deal with, you just have to know sentence construction, something that is actually woefully under-taught here in the UK. The other particles in Korean usually come with grammar points attached, so are easier to tell apart. (:

grammar grammar grammar grammar GRAM-MAAAAAAAAAR (sung to the batman theme)Collapse )

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