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dirty, starry painted world

connoisseur of sparkles °☆.。.:*・“ヽ(´▽`)ノ”
9 August
: Forever is a measurement of time I'd like to have:
➜ rpf slash-writer of jpop, jrock and kpop

lover of: music, language, travelling, fashion, books, shoes, writing, dancing, AU's, good plots, family, friends, cellos, alice in wonderland, politeness, character flaws, concerts, composing, photography
fan of: #teamallthepairings, OTx's, sparkles, dr who, sherlock, fandom crossovers, strawberry milkshakes, oxymoron's, The Internet, porn, beta's, all baby animals, hugs, cities, rearranging, libraries, battling inner demons and winning.

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